Finding Steve McQueen


Crime / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 593


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Rachael Taylor as Molly Murphy
Travis Fimmel as Harry Barber
William Fichtner as Enzo Rotella
Forest Whitaker as Howard Lambert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brendaniforth 8 / 10

Lovely Love/Hiest Movie

I thought this was a delightful little film. I liked the structure and the way the story unfolds. Anyone who lived through Watergate will also appreciate the time. I loved that we had an appearance by Deep Throat in his official capacity as Deputy Director of the FBI. I also loved seeing Forrest Whitaker as the dogged FBI agent

Reviewed by jonalovin-45307 7 / 10

It grows on you

From the beginning, I wanted to dislike this movie. The lead just didn't strike me as very interesting to start. But like the simple plot and easy to digest acting, he gets better as the movie moves on. The ending was simple and endearing. Nah, it's not that amazing or groundbreaking in the least but it's fun and well paced.

Reviewed by jimmyjoe583 6 / 10

OK Movie 6.5

This movie is a good date flick, by a guys standard. Girls will probably enjoy it as well. Travis Fimmel is ok as the leading man but it appeared to me that he is still learning his craft. He is more than capably supported by a great group of actors to help him carry this movie. William Fichtner, Forest Whitaker, John Finn and Molly McQueen are engaging and fun to watch. Louis Lombardi steals every scene he utters dialogue in and Rhys Coiro eerily channels Hal Linden. If this movie didn't have the Nixon/True story angle I don't think it would be as captivating.

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