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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tjmf-66454 6 / 10

Give it a watch, and don't expect to be blown away.

Good movie, not an especially good movie, but it is entertaining enough. Interesting theme, and the acting is fairly decent. I don't know if this is an independent movie, if it is, they done a fine job. If not, it's still a worth a look. Some gore, nothing too shocking for those who don't particularly like that stuff.

I'd say it's a solid 6, but those with a keener eye for the subtext, may have a different view to mine.

Reviewed by juliewillemsenonline 7 / 10

I give this movie a sold 7.

I have just watched "The Pledge" and was pleasantly surprised. It was very watchable, had a pretty good story and a good ending. The actors were great, they did a fine job. None of them were known to me and I was again, pleasantly surprised. I can recommend this one.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 8 / 10

Enjoyable if slightly flawed entry

Attempting to pledge a big fraternity, a group of loser friends find that the humiliation and torture being inflicted upon them is not a series of ordinary hazing ritual and decide to fight back only to find a far greater threat at the center of their struggle and try to get away alive.

This was a decent and solidly enjoyable outing. One of the more enjoyable aspects to be found here is the absolute craziness this dives into once they begin dealing with the pledge antics. After the perfectly fine setup at the beginning here with the party at the house, this one dives into some rather enjoyable tortures which just come out of nowhere and delve into some rather dark and uncomfortable rituals that they take part in. Under the guise of it being tradition and all part of the process, there's a lot of fun to be had with the way this one dives into for their torture. From being forcibly branded against their will to given dead-animal-and-rotten-food slop as a meal to scarf down and then taken into another room to be whipped and humiliated against their will, these early scenes showing the group being hazed are incredibly shocking with how they emerge in the story out of nowhere and prove to be merely the first stage of the craziness to ensue. As there's so much brutal, bloody fun to ensue from the final half of their desperate race to get out of the fraternity space alive and get away from the crazed members attempting to chase them down through halls of the building. These really enhance the film considerably and make enough to like to hold this over it's few minor issues. Among the few flaws here is the excruciatingly contrived setup that gets this one going. The fact that the group is so clearly going along with a game-plan set into motion by sinister forces is so obvious with the way they're awkward and socially inept that comes as a complete counterpoint to the jock-centered behavior usually associated with fraternities. They stick out so badly that it's obvious the different groups are toying with them and their inability to recognize that makes them out to be completely idiotic for not realizing this as instead of building sympathy for them as intended it just makes them out to be rather unintended morons. As well, there's also the surprisingly abrupt ending that doesn't really make any real sense. The fact that it brings up a big twist about the true nature of who's going to be involved in the special fraternity seems to be quite unnecessary as the twist comes out of nowhere, is not even set up as any kind of traditional shock and it's over once it plays out without any kind of resolution which leaves the entire focus rather shocking. Otherwise, there's not much else wrong here.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence.

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